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It was a six pack of V8 that was fully wrapped in colorful plastic packaging. Because it was fully wrapped it drew my attention to it like a magnet. My eyes were compelled to view it because of the colorful packaging and the words on the packaging that was used to reinforce the brand. It was a masterful stroke of graphic and text well balanced that caused me to purchase that product. There are six pack cans of V8 held together by the same plastic that is used to hold beer cans together, but I bypassed those in favor of the V8 in wrap packaging. Since then, I have purchased the same product with the same wrap packaging many times. That’s the power of a well wrapped product that has great brand imagery and supporting text!Here is another creative example of a wrap. One day I was driving through a town outside of my own city when I stopped at a crossroad. As I was looking around I noticed that in one corner of the intersection there were a number of electrical boxes that were probably used to house the wiring and circuit boards for the traffic signals. The electrical boxes were at ground level and in the center of a flower garden. Normally if someone wants to hide an ugly electrical box from view they will plant a few shrubs in front of it to serve as a screen. ScaleThe scale is a big part of the design, sometimes literally.

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Worthington says that the attraction to the degree includes “the small and personal nature of the program, the fundamental desire to create form and to understand what you’ve made and how it functions in terms of culture and communication, and most of all, the desire to find an idiosyncratic design voice in an increasingly globally generic creative marketplace.


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